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Student life at Industrial Ecology

Industrial Ecology has an abundance of student life and activities to offer. We have our very own committee IE Transform which organizes social and work related events. Join the Facebook group to hear all the news! 

IE Transform

We arrange social and career related activities for Industrial Ecology

IE Transform is a group of students, mainly from the master’s programme Industrial Ecology, who arranges events geared towards students in their final years of education. Many of our activities aim to create a network among students in sustainability through social events, lunch lectures, and company events in collaboration with GARM. Our email is  

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IE Transform is an Advisory Committee under the Global systems division, with all the activities the division has to offer. If that is not enough for you, Chalmers student union has a wide range of activities, committees and associations to engage in! You can find them here. If you need guidance in how the student life at Chalmers works you can always contact IE Transform. 

Contact us first! We can guide you through the rest :)

Global systems division

The Global systems division engages students from Global systems and Industrial ecology. We work under the student union to ensure a good student life, quality of education and business contact.  You can contact the division board if you have any questions:

You can also reach us through IE Transform. 

If you feel stressed, need someone to talk to or have questions related to your study environment you can always contact SAMO. They work under secrecy and can guide you to the help you need:

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